Saanich Peninsula Literacy
The Saanich Peninsula Literacy Task Group is comprised of community representatives committed to strengthening life-long literacy.


Communities along the Saanich Peninsula will be engaged in building literacy skills and abilities essential for living a good life and supporting oneself, family and community.
To promote literacy and lifelong learning on the Saanich Peninsula by building awareness and by supporting community actions related to literacy.


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What we do

Build community capacity through collaboration and partnerships.

Engage in strategic thinking and discussion about literacy strategies for supporting the economic, social, health and educational goals of all ages in the community.

Raise awareness about the importance of literacy & life-long learning.

Share literacy related resources, best practices, experience, capabilities and ideas throughout the community.

Partner and collaborate with community organizations to develop, promote and support services to help people of all ages and abilities gain important literacy skills and engage in life-long learning.

Strategic Goals for 2017/18

Raising Awareness
Enhancing community knowledge of the value that literacy and life-long learning plays in individual and community life.

  • Integrated South Island Website and FB page
  • Shaw TV South Island Literacy Series
  • Family Literacy Week collaboration with VIRL
  • Learning opportunities for Task Group members

Capacity building
Strengthening and supporting literacy development for people and places along the Saanich Peninsula through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts.

  • Open Air Library Program in Sidney, BC
  • Tsawout and Tsarlip First Nations support by linking to GVPL & ELC
  • One to One Literacy Support in SD#63 Schools
  • PCEC 1000 x 5 Children’s Book Recycling Support
  • Sidney / North Saanich Girl Guides Support
  • Sidney Literary Festival Support
  • Partnership with Science World and local libraries to offer science literacy workshops

Growing our Membership
Increasing and diversifying Task Group Membership that engages all sectors of the community.

  • Updated vision, mission and terms of reference
  • Learning opportunities for Task Group members
  • Broad community representation, participation and leadership in support of literacy


Task Group Membership

The Saanich Peninsula Literacy Task Group includes community representatives who think about and initiate actions to support and promote life-long literacy.  Because literacy is directly linked to the well-being and growth of individuals and communities, task group members recognize the importance of literacy as a community building tool and a strategy for supporting economic, social, health and educational goals. To support literacy effectively, the Task Group focuses on strategic thinking around gaps, assets and collaborative efforts that will bring about potential solutions.  If you would like to become a member of our Task Group, please contact the Literacy Outreach Coordinator.

Access Speech Language Services – Marlene Lewis
Beacon Community Services
– Denise Smith
Confederation of University Women’s Club – Sonya Emperingham
Greater Victoria Public Library – Sarah Harrison
Individual Learning Centre (ILC) – Debbie Nikkel
PCEC 1000 x 5 Children’s Book Recycling Project – Daphne Macnaughton
Peninsula Connections for Early Childhood (PCEC) – Marlene Dergousoff
Saanich School District (#63) – Mark Fraser
Sidney / North Saanich Library – Sharon Walker
Sidney Literary Festival – Janet Daines
Success By 6 – Lisa Fenton
Victoria Literacy Connection – Christine Bossi
Community – Kate Wood

Saanich Peninsula Literacy Outreach Coordinator
Shantael Sleight –

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