Sooke Region Literacy Project
The Sooke Region Literacy Project was created to help build community partnerships and to help create an accessible and sustainable learning community for the area; one that offers choice, fosters lifelong learning and encourages individuals to reach their full potential.
Mission: To build community and help people in the Sooke Region achieve the sense of empowerment that goes along with literacy.

Our community development work is aimed at enhancing, coordinating and creating literacy programs in the Sooke Region, from East Sooke to Port Renfrew, making sure that everyone has access to the learning opportunities they need to fulfill their full potential. We conduct research in our community to determine needed programs in order to make sure the needs of all our citizens are met.

The Pandemic Postcard Project

July 2020 Currently Accepting Submissions

When you think back on the last two months, what stands out in your mind? We’d love to hear from you! Please click below to visit the page for more information and to download your postcard template.

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