Thank you for a great 2019 event. Stay tuned to learn about our 2020           Family Literacy Week events!                   



We have partnered with Engineering for Kids Vancouver Island to provide hands-on learning S.T.E.A.M workshops for three different age ranges! Register for this exciting FREE event! Contact EMCS Society to register your interest early!

Check out the options below and watch this space for a full breakdown of the days activities including times.

Junior Engineers | Ages 3-6 | Max: 14 kids with 14 adults
Chemical Engineering Workshop
Fun with Oobleck! We’ll make and explore the chemical properties of this amazing substance and answer the question: is it a solid, a liquid, or both?

Apprentice Engineers | Ages 7-10 | Max: 14 kids with 14 adults Hardware Engineering Workshop

Can you make music with vegetables? Play a video game using a controller made of playdoh? You can with the Makey Makey! This electronic invention tool allows you to connect everyday objects to computer programs and makes the computer think that the everyday object is the keyboard. Intrigued? Join us for some fun exploration

Master Engineers | Ages 11-14 | Max: 14 kids with 14 adults (optional)

3D Printing Workshop

Learn to use a 3D printing pen, a handheld drawing tool that works like a pen but instead of ink, uses plastic to create 3D models. The plastic used is ecofriendly – it’s made from food-safe materials, is non-toxic, BPA-free and completely biodegradable!

If you have any questions or would like to work with us as a volunteer or donate, please contact Kate Barton at

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